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Full of the recipes I’m making right now! Recipes for busy people tried and tested by this busy girl herself! Delicious meals and snacks from my busy kitchen to yours.

The cookbook

The Journal

Let’s talk about more than just recipes. In my Journal we will dive in to some those perfect ingredients that we are all in search of in life.

The journal

About me

Hi I’m Katie! As a newly married full-time engineer with a little apartment kitchen, I know how cooking can seem like the most daunting and dreaded task after a long day. The Perfect Ingredients is the place to find recipes and tips for cooking great food during your busy stage of life.



Welcome friends!

I’m Katie and I’m here to offer the best recipes and cooking tips for those in the busiest chapters of life! This is the place to find some great ideas whether you’re a frantic college student, an exhausted nine-to-fiver (or a little longer), a tired parent, or an even more tired single parent. You’re busy and you deserve the best!

I’m also still working diligently to get this website up and running! Some of the links might not work yet, and I need to add some more pictures of my own, but check out what’s here so far and check back soon for more content!

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