We can change that picture up above

We can change the name, but you’ll have to think of something. This is pretty generic to start out. I think I’d like to stay away from something that says “Evans” in the title because so many of us don’t have that last name and I’d like to make it a little more generic. I’m down to get meaningful recipes from those outside of our relatives as well, the website has plenty of space for it! I can find a way of searching recipes by the family though, like have a “Evans” tag on the ones from those people and have a “Hetrick” or whoever tag on ones from different families.

Start sending the recipes!

I bet I can rope my mom into gathering up some old family pictures. Let me know if you have thoughts on that end. I’m sure my parents (and Kathy too) would love to help out in that regard even if they don’t know the exact end goal yet.

Another thing we can change is the little icon in the corner of the tab. Right now it’s a pie haha, but we can change that.

After you look through this page, take a look at the About Page, I think that will be a good one to start working on to collect our vision and purpose with this site.

Right now the website is categorized into “Family Recipes” and “Katie’s Corner.” I want the focus of the site to be the family recipes, but I also want to keep things for my own reference on here too. Let me know if you think of a better section/category title, or if you think I should find a more hidden way to save my things on here so as to not distract from the purpose of the site.

Family Recipes

Little excerpt about this section

Katie’s Corner

Little excerpt…

I want to have my own stuff on the website too, for my own reference. Maybe I can have it in a more hidden way so just I see it? Or we can call it “New Favorites” to kinda contrast the “Family Recipes” as a genre of older recipes


Little excerpt


This is two columns to write stuff with maybe a picture to the left.

This is the second column.

We can change this background color; maybe we keep it, it’s kinda growing on me.