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I still haven’t decided what to write here. Any tips?

The Cookbook

Full of the recipes I’m making right now! Recipes for busy people tried and tested by this busy girl herself! Delicious meals and snacks from my busy kitchen to yours.

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The Journal

Let’s talk about more than just recipes. In my Journal we will dive in to some those perfect ingredients that we are all in search of in life.

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Bake, share, grow

My Story

Welcome! I’m Katie and here’s where I share what’s going on in my busy kitchen. As a newly married full-time engineer with a little apartment kitchen, I know how cooking can seem like the most daunting and dreaded task after a long day. The Perfect Ingredients is the place to find recipes and tips for cooking great food during your busy stage of life.

From my busy kitchen to yours, I want to share what’s working for me in hopes that it can make your life more manageable too!

This level of cooking and baking is new to me. One of my goals here is to track my own culinary progress and skill development. Believe it or not, I grew up with a broken oven and only 1.5 reliable stove-top burners. So trust me, I’m on a culinary journey.

Please feel free to reach out to me through comments, emails, or over Pinterest with your tips for cooking during busy chapters of life! I’m new to this whole thing and would love to hear how you manage busy stages of life.